Google Plans to Combine All of Its Chat Services into Google Babble

google babble

Many aren’t too keen on the purported name for Google’s rumored integrated chat system, but there is no denying that Google Babble is simply a great idea.

If you use Google’s various chat services — which include Hangouts, Messenger, Google Voice or Google Drive’s chat function — you might find incompatibility between the services quite annoying. Luckily this might not be the case for much longer as sources close to Google have been speaking out about a service which will replace and unify them all.

If rumors are true then we can expect to see the new Google Babble service roll out in May at the Google I/O developers conference. Google has great chat services in place already, but bringing them together and bridging the gaps will help Google become even more competitive in the chat/voice/video-calling market.

What do you think about the idea of Google Babble, excited or not?

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