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HTC One $100 Cash Back Offer Extended Once Again


Although the Galaxy S4 is pretty impressive, many including HTC believe that Samsung didn’t deliver this time around. If you are one among them and dreaming about holding an HTC One in the future, you should be happy to hear that HTC’s deal is still available. The HTC One $100 trade-in deal, which began last month, has been extended to the 26th of April.

All you have to do is sign up with HTC here, and then send your old phone and your HTC One proof of purchase to HTC by May 31 and get a $100 Visa gift card (or the value of the device, whichever is greater).

The deal was first extended to April 4th, and now to the above said date. According to HTC, the deal is being extended because of “overwhelming response” from fans, although there is also the possibility of a delay in the phone shipments or the company might also be worried about the arrival of the S4.

But do we really have to care for the reasons? There is a powerful phone available for $100 less, which is indeed a great deal. So, have you already signed up for the device?



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  1. Here in Belgium, i’ve been waiting for almost 2 months on the phone… unlike American customers, we pay 917 dollars, don’t receive a cashback, and my supplier just told me they can’t deliver the phone, and can’t refund me my money, so i have to find another supplier and they’ll pay the money to that supplier… However, because i was so early, i would have received the HTC Media Link free, but now that won’t be the case eiter i guess…

    This is really BS

  2. Galaxy s4 will see tremendous sales regardless of anything, although s4 indeed looks to be a beast but most of the people are falling for it because of 5 inch screen which is naivity when it comes to selecting a smartphone. The features are useless, nokia could have hyped its lumia’s features and it would have looked more innovative phone. Anyway, i am looking forward to snapdragon 800 or tegra 4 phones in 2013.

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