Gembox iPad Keyboard Case on Sale for just $29.99

Gembox iPad Keyboard Case on Sale for just $29.99


gembbox-640x640 Gembox iPad Keyboard Case on Sale for just $29.99

As great as your chosen tablet may be, there is still something to be said about typing with that on-screen keyboard. Having a physical set of keys beneath your fingers just feels more natural and that’s why there are so many Bluetooth keyboards on the market. If you’re in the market for both a case and a keyboard for your iPad, this keyboard case from Gembox could be the perfect fit.

It serves three main purposes. First, the polyurethane “synthetic leather” case will protect your iPad against bumps, bruises and other damage. The “thin and stylish” case also has a magnetic flap closure to maintain those clean lines. Second, the case can function as a stand, letting you watch videos without having to hold on to the iPad itself. And third, of course, is that keyboard.

Even though the spill-proof keyboard is built into the case itself, it actually connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. It has a rated battery life of 45 hours, recharging via the provided USB charging cable and bonus USB A/C wall adapter. You can conserve battery life by using the on/off switch.

Normally retailing for $99.99, the Gembox iPad Keyboard Case is available now for $29.99, a savings of 70% off the regular price.

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