SimCity Server Problems Solved

For hardcore gamers there is nothing worse than interruptions while playing a game, be it an urgent call from your office or your big older brother wants to play or, if you are a SimCity gamer, sever issues. But now we have good news for all the SimCity players out there, EA has announced that they have completed the upgrade of the servers.

The original servers have been migrated to faster and higher capacity servers, and they have announced a server status page in case users want to check how a server is doing and have also released a patch.

Server Upgrades: We’ve completed the migration of all our original servers to the new, faster/higher capacity server architecture. We’ll continue to provide ongoing optimizations for our servers.

Server Status Page: Want to check the status of one of our servers? Now you can – the team created a server status page that lives on You can view it here:

Patch 1.5: We’ve deployed a new patch yesterday to address some trade intermittency issues, which should make regional interaction more responsive. We’re going to continue to improve the speed between cities within a region. It should also decrease the chance of losing progress on your city via a rollback. You can view the full patch notes here.

So, are you able to connect to the servers easily now?


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  1. Tim Rood says:

    This is laughably false. I spent literally 4 hours installing the damn game and can’t connect because all the supposedly-upgraded North American servers are closed to new users!

    • Waya says:

      it says if you check server status that north american servers are only accessable to people whom already have a city made. So for you it won’t be yet. It sucks but should be up soon.

  2. Ho Ku says:

    Can’t wait for it to go on sale :)

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