Start-up Glass Up Aims to Bring Google Glass Features to the Masses

glass up

Fancy a pair of Google Glasses but don’t fancy spending $1500? Then Italian based start-up Glass UP many have something for you.

Costing just $299, the Glass Up glasses promise to bring users of iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 8 operating systems similar features as Google’s devices but in a much less stylish package.

The geeky specs pack a 320 x 240 pico-projector to display images, Bluetooth connectivity for communication to your phone, accelerometer, light sensor, altimeter, touch sensitive frames and even battery life to last the whole day.

The project is currently on Kickstarter and the Glass Up team hopes to have their device on sale by April. Of course this isn’t nearly as cool or functional as Google’s glasses, but it is still interesting nonetheless. What do you think?

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