Next iPad coming April, iPhone 5S as soon as August

iphone 5s

iphone-concept Next iPad coming April, iPhone 5S as soon as August

Are you getting excited about yet another iPad and iPhone update? Then you had better mark these months in your diary. Mashable is reporting that the iPad 5 could launch as early as April, with the iPhone 5S a few months later in August.

So what can we expect? Well judging by the leaked iPad 5 covers, the new iPad will share a similar design with the current iPad mini, also expect better cameras, faster CPU and more RAM. Oh, and the iPad mini 2 is also scheduled to pop up around the same time with a retina display, larger battery and a much larger price tag.

iPhone 5S rumors are a little more interesting with talk of a low-cost version with plastic body due around July along with a ‘regular’ iPhone 5S, with sales dates guesstimated for August.

On a personal note, I really hope Apple pulls something big out of the bag for both the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 as I’m getting kind of bored with their lack of innovation and slight spec boosts year in and year out. How about you guys? Agree or disagree?

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