Windows Phone Update Hinted at in Microsoft Job Posting

windows-phone-update Windows Phone Update Hinted at in Microsoft Job Posting

If you are looking for a job then Microsoft is hiring. It looks like they need engineers to help them prep the latest version of their Windows Phone mobile OS.

A job posting states that Microsoft is looking for a software development engineer to work on a Windows phone update scheduled to release during the holiday season:

“This is a great time to join us as we’re completing our current release and getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year.”

While we the details don’t mention a major release, the time frame certainly indicates this could be the case. Previous Windows phone updates have been released in September and October, perhaps Windows phone 8.5 is heading to phones for Christmas 2013? Considering all the previous rumors about Windows Blue and Windows Phone Blue, this could certainly end up being a job related to that effort. What do you think?

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