Samsung Galaxy S4 Renders Revealed to be Bogus

samsung galaxy s4 render

gs4header Samsung Galaxy S4 Renders Revealed to be Bogus

Earlier today multiple Android phone sites excited published the following renders of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The reason everyone was so excited? Well they appeared to come from @evleaks, a notorious tipster on who is normally right on the money with his/her info.

After the initial excitement a number Android phone fans soon found the same images on the Expansys website, without evleaks watermarks! Apparently the renders were originally made by Expansys’ designer, and were later republished by @evleaks on their Twitter feed.

This type of thing happens all the time on the web, but to have such a solid source of insider info soil the reputation like this is a blow to us all! On the bright side we only have 10 days until we see the real Samsung Galaxy S4 and we can’t wait!

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