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What Is Going To Happen To Hulu?

Hulu is already not as popular as rival Netflix and there will be more competition from Amazon and the Redbox Instant service, and now the future of the service itself has become uncertain due to problems from the inside.

According to available info, News Corp. and Disney, the two companies which each own roughly a third of Hulu, have started discussing the future of the service and their own stakes in the company. The two companies have plans to purchase the other’s stake or sell it to an outside company. Apparently, they have disagreements regarding the direction in which Hulu should go.

Currently, Hulu offers a free version and also a Hulu Plus subscription service and both the offerings include ads. The disagreement between the two companies is that Disney prefers an ad-supported strategy, while News Corp. feels that the focus should be on subscriptions. In the case of subscriptions, Hulu with just 3 million subscribers is nowhere near Netflix’s 27 million.

Hulu’s CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Tom Rich earlier announced their plans to step down from the company. So the future of the service might only be decided after its new CEO and CTO are announced, possibly along with new owners as well. Till then uncertainty surrounds Hulu.

Do you use Hulu regularly? Do you subscribe to Hulu Plus?




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  1. I really enjoy Hulu. There are a lot of shows I don’t even DVR anymore because it airs the next day on Hulu. I don’t mind the ads- they are very short. I am also subscribed to Netflix but I feel like Netflix is more for TV shows that are currently on DVD. They don’t air episodes the next day like HULU does so I have no idea why they compare the two.,

  2. Hulu has replaced our DVR for network shows (sans CBS, of course.) It is in no way redundant and comparing it to Netflix is ignorant. They serve two very different purposes, which is why I subscribe to both Hulu+ and Netflix. Apples and oranges. Amazon InstantVideo (along with Vudu, et al) are more of my new release “rental” or “retail” stores, if you will. There is room for all of them. Please, stop comparing them. It doesn’t help anyone who’s considering any of those particular services and subscriptions.

  3. The writer of this article is an idiot, as are most other “Writers” who cover tech. I’ve used Hulu ever since it’s started and I love it. It’s not perfect, but most of that blame can’t be placed on them… it’s on the companies that provide (or don’t provide) content.

    Leo, honey… Hulu is 5 years old. Netflix is 15 years old… popularity has nothing to do with the number of subscribers. One has been around longer. Did you read Hulu’s blog… they got to 1 million subscribers faster than any other service.

    Leo, dear…. um….there’s this thing you do when writing an article, it’s called RESEARCH… the young man’s name is Richard Tom, as it has been reported multiple times by other hack sites like this, not Tom Rich.

    And I’m sure there is no uncertainty around Hulu, it’s probably a cash cow that is doing just fine.

    Leo…. horrible job with this. Please, get back to journalism 101.

  4. I use Hulu (Free) nearly everyday. I have been for the last few years since I cancelled my AT&T U-verse account. It is not really a substitute but it gets me by and I have found plenty of British or other foreign shows that I really enjoy that are Hulu exclusives…The Straits, Shameless, That Mitchell and Webb Look to name a few. I hate to think that I wouldn’t be able to watch those…I keep saying to myself that one day soon I will sign up for the pay service but truthfully I have a hard time deciding between Hulu and Netflix. They serve different purposes. Netflix: DVD releases of shows and movies; Hulu: current and past seasons of TV shows. And then if you want to watch documentaries, there is always SnagFilms….

    • What is wrong with you? You’re on this stupid site so you know something about Tech, which means that you probably make decent money. You can’t pay $16 to get both services?? Or are you that penny wise and pound foolish? Or are you just that cheap?!?! How pathetic? Get both fool.

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