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HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4: Can HTC Compete Against the S4?

HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4

The HTC One has made a huge splash so far, but you have to wonder, will the HTC One begin the path to recovery and the start of a new era of popularity for HTC, or is the praise heading the phone’s way going to be short-lived? This is a good question.

There are quite a few other higher-end smartphones arriving in the not-too-distant future, many of which will run on the same Snapdragon 600 processor and feature better or the same specs all around. That means that HTC needs to win over consumers based on the marketing and hype they’ve generated so far.

All eyes are on Samsung right now, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 scheduled to make its first appearance in March. While the HTC One might stand out against the existing S3, the Galaxy S4 is going to be tough to beat.

We don’t know the exact specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (for obvious reasons), the chart directly below this sentence shows several of the specs are they are currently rumored for the device and compares them to the S3 (US version) and the HTC One.

The HTC One – Can it Compete?

When it comes to core features, you can see from the chart that the HTC One is clearly a step above what the Samsung Galaxy S3 brings to the table. That said, not everyone is going to love the unibody design that makes the HTC One’s battery non-removable and creates a phone without support for microSD. There are also some users that feel the HTC One looks to much like the Blackberry Z10. Though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The question is whether the HTC One has brought its ‘A game’ and can finally give Samsung a challenge. Based on rumors that HTC is buckling down and relying on the HTC One as their sole flagship for 2013, they certainly seem to have confidence in their new flagship.

The Galaxy S4 Could Put Them Back in the Same Rut

If the latest rumors are to be believed, Samsung will not be going the Exynos-route, instead relying on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. As the chart shows, the Galaxy S4 is rated as faster than the One, though the rest of the features match pretty closely.

Where the HTC One could run into problems is that it doesn’t have universal carrier support in the US (no Verizon, at least for now), while the Galaxy S4 likely will. Also the S4 will probably stick with their tradition of non-removable batteries and microSD, something HTC is missing.

HTC often releases a promising looking handset ahead of the competition, only to be overshadowed later on by brands like Samsung. Still, there is a lot more promise for HTC’s current path with the HTC One than we’ve seen in the last few years.

Motorola X Phone Could Also Create Problems

The Motorola X Phone also needs to be considered here. For those that don’t know, Google looks to be aiming at a high-end X Phone for later this year, which will run on Android 5.0 and will essentially be a Nexus, though it sounds like it won’t actually use the branding.

Part of the reason for this is that rumors indicate Google is concerned that Samsung has become too big of a giant in the Android world and too much means it is easier to demand more from Google. The solution could be to bring out their own big guns with the X Phone — but this could also be really bad timing for the HTC One and could further overshadow the phone.

Summing it up..

The HTC One is a solid phone for existing HTC fans and those that don’t want to wait around for other major flagships to start showing up, since HTC One is getting ahead of the game with the release of their flagship.

Long-term though? That’s much harder to answer. I like HTC and I wish them the best, but the battle certainly looks uphill for HTC throughout 2013. Does that mean they can’t pull off a turn-around with the HTC One and work their way back to the top? Anything can happen if you can get execution (marketing and hype, a good release frame, etc) right.

What do you think, does the HTC One feature good enough specs and design to set it apart from devices like the Motorola X Phone and Samsung Galaxy S4? Do you agree that the HTC One will have a hard battle ahead or do you think that it will blow away the competition and drive HTC back up towards the top? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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  1. I sure hope that it is picked up by Verizon. I like everything about it except that I don’t think that you will be able to use a charging pad being that the case is aliminum. I hope that the talk and stand by time that you will not need it. lets hear it for the RED case!

  2. Same Design “cheap” Again plastic “cheap” bomb price for plastic

    disappointment !

    The Camera software is a lame version of Htc zoe

    IR Remote also sounds familiar from the Htc one

    Htc is the One for me,

  3. I imagine that the aluminium shell also makes for a pretty serious lack of water-resistance.

  4. i will say than htc develops the androids…..or i say than htc screen is 3d but s4 is not……HTC ONE is best s4 cant beat him and HTC ONE is much better

  5. I`m switching from my galaxy s 3 to the htc one. Everybody I know has an s3 now and it bothers me. Just seems like samsung is the new apple. I`m hoping the one does not let me down.

  6. htc beats samsung by their build quality UI and looks.i have S3 but im not upgrading to S4 that would be the biggest mistake giving samsung another chance. htc one is much better than S3
    and of-course it will be better than S4

  7. htc one is made of aluminium and i think S4 again will be that cheap plastic.never ever buy samsung because that is money waste

  8. I’m on my 2nd HTC phone now (Diamond and then Desire HD), and am 99% sure I’m going to be getting another. Most likely the One. There’s a simple explanation for it too – durability and Sense. Sense blows the competition away, and the phones are much more rugged than any Samsung I’ve seen, or Sony. This Desire HD has been dropped more times than I can count, usually from a meter or so high and the only evidence of it is a slightly scuffed paint job. My friend’s S2? Been in for repairs at least twice.

    So, whilst the S4 may come out with is 1000 Ghz processor, I want my phone to last, and the HTCs have shown me they will do. Replaceable battery isn’t an issue for me – just use an external one, much less hassle anyway! Just plug in and you’re cooking. Space on the phone? I’ve not maxed my current phone or its 8GB MicroSD. I don’t want or need 10,000 apps installed and don’t want to play 5GB sized games on it – that’s what my PC is for.

  9. I’ve had Samsung and will not buy another one. 5 Samsung phones and always hunting for signal. Went to Motorola and haven’t had a problem yet. I hope Motorola steps up.

  10. No one knows Galaxy S IV’s specs and above is all (mostly false) rumors. It’s highly unlikely for Samsung to go with a Qualcomm processor instead of their own Exynos. It’s also unlikely for them to go with an LCD display. Just like the S3, we’ll probably see a rather inferior pentile display from them again, which cannot generate accurate colors at all and lacks sharpness.

    iPhone and Galaxy S are equally overhyped but not-so-great phones. That’s what you get with mass marketing from giant corporations.

  11. I don’t think it’s really fair to make HTC compete with Samsung. Yes, Samsung S4 may have betters specs than the One, but that’s not the only thing that matters to people. I, for example, like the fact that my phone ‘feels’ like it’s worth it’s money. HTC surely does that by creating a phone that’s not completely made out of plastic (which was my biggest concern with the Samsung S3: it feels and looks cheap). So, previous HTC-buyers are more likely to pick the HTC One, while Samsung-fans will choose the S4. So what?

  12. MyWay_SeparateWay

    HTC phones are the kind that sell by word of mouth – some user who used it and liked it recommends. Samsung has marketing prowess and both Samsung and Apple have fanboys (they typcially use words like ‘amazing’,’destroy’ etc.) who get carried away. Of the two breed, I prefer the Apple breed bcos at least Apple phones have premium quality. Other good manufcaturers are HTC and Nokia. Samsung is certainly not in my list. I feel Sammy has a lot of gimmicks up its sleeve and is actually a marketing success rather than a quality based success.

  13. Just a thought.

    To be completely honest I don’t really care. On a day to day basis all I want my phone to do is make calls send texts and use for social media. The HTC One will do this easily. I’ve had both Samsung and Apple products in the past and whilst I’ve enjoyed both I feel it’s bad for competition if they are not rivalled. Getting back to the HTC One I think HTC have took a major step forward with this mode. I have no doubt that both Samsung and Apples offerings later this year will match or even better HTC’s offerings here but does anyone really care only time will tell. I hope 2013 is the year of the underdog and HTC get the credit they deserve.

  14. Lol HTC has no idea what is about to happen to them, samsung’s galaxy s4 is about to destroy competition, just think about it they sold over 40 million as galaxy s3, 40 million people have that one an 40 million people are going to tell here friends family neighbors classmates co workers Ect. What an great an amazing phone it is, an you successor has to be even better, I’m sure the whole mobile world cause wait to see whats is store for us march 14 I just wish I could be there personally to watch things unfold but since I can’t I will be on YouTube watching live streaming,

    • MyWay_SeparateWay

      Sorry to be honest, but, I can assure you that all those 40 million owners are going to recommend S3 or S4 to everyone. I already know a few of them who won’t recommend.S3 or S4 are not such phenomenal phones that the rest of the pack are left behind. It is just that little things like ‘sd card’ slot and removable battery (mainly a paranoid reaction created by review sites) seem to matter to many people. In fact, once you start using,maybe it would not matter.

  15. The Galaxy S4 will destroy the HTC ONE, I guarantee it.

  16. Htc knows that samsung will step up with more specs. Htc should have just went all out. 5″ screen 3.0 processor, a 20MP camara and etc. Just go all out to get ahead

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