Alleged iPad 5 case suggest iPad Mini style redesign

ipad 5 case leaked

ipad-5-case-leaked Alleged iPad 5 case suggest iPad Mini style redesign

The iPad Mini is the tablet Apple should have made all along. It’s thin, sleek, easy to hold, powerful and most importantly of all makes the regular iPad feel old fashioned and cumbersome!

With this in mind it comes as no surprise to us that purported iPad 5 cases suggest that the next generation 9.7-inch Apple tablet could feature an iPad Mini inspired design. The leaks from from case manufacturer MiniSuit, who have released a photo of the iPad mini case and current iPad 4 case along side the alleged iPad 5’s.

From the photos we can also see that the iPad 5 appears much narrower than the current iPad, possibly due to a thinner bezel, seems to have the same Lightning connector port and speaker placement as the iPad Mini and iPhone 5, and the hole at towards the top of the case could suggest a rear facing microphone.

With the iPad 5 launch not expected until Q3, we have plenty of time to see more leaks, which will either confirm or deny the redesign.

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