Huawei Indicates They Could Be Working on Google Glasses Competitor

Huawei Indicates They Could Be Working on Google Glasses Competitor



You’ve probably heard of Google Glass before. The unique headgear computer is all about making our lives easier, giving us hands-free recording of life’s big events and much more. As Google’s Glass marches closer to commercial release we’ve seen a few would-be competitors but now it seems that Huawei could be throwing itself in the ring as well.

Huawei’s CEO of Consumer Products, Richard Yu has now suggested the company could eventually introduce their own pair of advanced glasses, though not likely for another 5-10 years.

So is this just ‘talk’ or is something already in the works? Based on his words, I would say they are actually testing something, even if just in the prototyping stages. “We are doing a lot of research and we are doing a lot of development in our labs. I wish we could show you what we are working on for over the next five to ten years, including glasses.”

Either way, five years away means it will debut quite a bit after Google’s Glass finally starts rolling around in a big way.

What do you think of the idea of glasses-based computing? Can Google start a revolution that helps this product line take off, and if they do, does Huawei have a shot at following in their footsteps?

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