Sony Spills The Beans On How The PS4 Eye Works

On Wednesday Sony hosted their ‘see the future’ of PlayStation event. The event revealed incredible graphics, new controllers, and even the next game console, the PlayStation 4. To go along with all the new, Sony threw in a revamped version of an old toy.

Sony has been toying around with motion recognition ever since the EyeToy in 2003. Later, Sony would bring it back as the PlayStation Eye in 2007 with the PlayStation 3. Now, sony looks to perfect the device as the PS4 Eye. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida gave us information today on how it works.

The PS4 Eye comes with two 1,280 x 800 cameras, an 85-degree field of view, and four microphones. The two cameras work together with the new Dualshock 4 controllers to track movements.

Shuhei Yoshida also went on to add that “It’s (PS4 Eye) an extension of the PS Move technology that we incorporated into the DualShock so that the camera can see where it is”. Not only will the PS4 Eye help to bring the PlayStation 4 up to par with Kinect and the Wii, but it also has four built-in microphones that will be used in games and for voice-commands.

Microsoft and Nintendo are going to have to work fast if they want to beat out Sony and the PS4 Eye.

What do you think about the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 eye? Will you be picking one up at the end of this year when it goes on sale? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Sarmad Khalid says:

    And why would the PS4 want to know a controller’s position if I may ask? I don’t see any gameplay value added. I can see the need to track position for a Move controller, not a dualshock controller.

  2. me says:

    whos not excited about a new gaming console, thats why i looked nothing excitng about it tho

  3. me says:

    no i was just looking because ps4 is a new gaming console so i was checking it out, nothing special about it

  4. Rhino25 says:

    PS3 is iconic. PS4 will soon be the new icon! Xbox- great at overheating and breaking!

  5. Kelzebubba says:

    I think I will be waiting for the knee jerk price drop when the Xbox 720 is released and sells more units and Sony goes OH NOES and drops the price.

  6. me says:

    ps4s eye sucks xbox is always better and it is a system behind and its still better

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