Microsoft Patent Application Kills Germs on Your Mobile Device’s Display Surface


germ-microsoft-patent Microsoft Patent Application Kills Germs on Your Mobile Device's Display Surface

It looks like Microsoft wants to protect us from an army of germs in their latest patent. The not-yet-granted patent is a system that is designed to use ultraviolet light and bounce it through a film on or inside a touchscreen as a means of disinfecting fingertips and killing germs.

This method wouldn’t blast the person directly and the phone or tablet’s processing could decide how long or when to blast for germs. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has applied for a UV cleaning-type patent, but this new method is an improvement on past filings.

This could be perfect for those that will be passing their device (particularly tablets) back and forth to a bunch of people, like in a business environment or a school. It would protect from germs but not in an overly evasive way.

Of course there is currently no clue as to what Microsoft actually intends to do with the technology, or if they are even considering it for any of their products. Ultimately this wouldn’t be a “killer feature” in a mobile device, but it could still be a nice little extra, especially if germs are a concern for you, for whatever reason.

What do you think of the patent, a practical and useful idea or not?

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