YotaPhone Planning For Release in Second Half of This Year

YotaPhone Planning For Release in Second Half of This Year



Back at CES we reported on the unique Russian-made YotaPhone, a fully working concept device that manages to do things a bit differently by combining a regular display on the front with an e-ink display on the back. Now it seems they are preparing for production with a release global planned sometime in the second half of this year.

Russian YotaPhone has signed a deal with Singapore-based Hi-P International, a company that has previously made hardware for many big-name companies like Apple and Blackberry. The company even has experience developing for Amazon’s E-reader division.

YotaPhone is also opening an R&D center in Singapore to research and develop future generations and variants of the their unique smartphone, so it looks like the company is prepared to fight its way onto the market, despite the strong competition that already exists in the Android world.

Can YotaPhone’s unique approach of combining e-ink and traditional display set it apart enough to win it a niche market or not?

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