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Yahoo Announces Homepage Redesign with More ‘Social’ Focus


Today Yahoo has announced a fresh new look, which Yahoo’s CEO Marrisa Mayer says is more “intuitive and personal”.

The layout isn’t that different at first glance but is optimized across a variety of mobile devices, alongside newly design apps that make it easy to tap into your Facebook profile to broadcast friends birthdays and other key social information on the customized Yahoo homepage.

According to Mayer, the redesign coming is just one of many changes to Yahoo’s services and will roll out to browsers over the course of the next few days.

The bigger question is whether or not a more “social” approach to Yahoo will be their saving grace or if they will continue to lose relevance in a world that is dominated by bigger players like Bing, Google and Facebook. What do you think?

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  1. Sign me up as another very long term yahoo user who’s finally had enough. The latest abomination is just the last straw for me. Companies that actively try to chase their customer base away in search of stupidity like Facebook/Twitter/(whatever new social media monstrosity is next) integration, deserve to fail. And hopefully they won’t get bailed out.

  2. It sucks! It sucks! It sucks! I guess the CEO wanted to change it just for the sake of changing it, because she honestly can’t really think this is an improvement of any kind. The lack of planning really shows.

  3. fedupyahoouser

    Don’t like the new layout; unable to personalize/change it. Everytime they have made changes, many people hated it. Time for me to find a new site to mark as homepage, and new site for email, possibly google.

  4. The answer is they will continue to lose. Now they are chasing away their loyal fans. I dont care much for it and I am finally going to switch to google, as much and I prefer the old Yahoo to Google. This new yahoo blows!!!!!!

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