Sony Xperia Z Already Rooted

Sony Xperia Z Already Rooted

sony xperia z root

sony-xperia-z-rooted-before-it-reaches-most-buyers Sony Xperia Z Already Rooted

Android developer extraordinaire, Doomlord from the XDA-Developers forums has managed to successfully root the Sony Xperia Z before most customers have even bought theirs yet!

The fast turn around was a team effort by Doomlord modifying the code of a Nexus 4 root, while Teamviewer remotely tested the code on read-world devices. The effort managed to be a success, with other forum members offering that the root has worked for them also.

If you’re looking to pick up a Sony Xperia Z and hope to root it as soon as you get home, be sure you are fully confident with what you are doing, as their isn’t a recovery tool available just yet. You have been warned.

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