Most U.S Customers satisfied with Motorola Atrix HD, not iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3

motorola atrix hdWith the sheer number of U.S customers buying iPhone 5′s and Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, you would probably think that they were also the phones which managed to please people the most. But you would be wrong.

According to a recent survey, Apple’s iPhone 5 comes fifth in customer satisfaction ratings, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming in in 4th place (the S3 isn’t even in the top 5!), while Motorola took 1st and 2nd places.

The phone which managed to please most U.S phone owners is the Motorola Atrix HD, A phone which is currently available on AT&T at just $49. Across the pond in the UK the HTC One reached the top spot with Apple coming in second, and the last 3 places all going to Samsung phone.

Does it surprise you that the iPhone or Samsung phones aren’t at the top of the smartphone¬†sanctification¬†list?

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  1. Crabonok says:

    Yeah IOS gets kinda boring after a while imo.

  2. kalyan says:

    motorola ine no1 and no2 position

  3. surprisedByBlatantDistortion says:

    8.57 is not that different than 8.23.
    The graph distorts magnitude of the difference.

  4. stoopid says:

    I’ve had the Razr M for 4+ months, replacing my dated iPhone 4. It’s a great device and beat all the speed and quality of the iPhone 4 handily, and doesn’t have me longing for the S3 or iPhone 5. PLUS, it can be had for $50-100 and has a very pure android install (the S3 in my opinion suffers from poorly developed Samsung customizations). Apple’s iOS is just so… 2010!

  5. hellbetty hellfire says:

    I have the HTC EVO 4G,LTE and I love it. I’ve never been a fan of iPhones,I love android systems. my phone still amazes me,lol,I’ve only had it for a couple months.

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