Staples Offering $75 Off On Any Windows 8 or RT Product


Thinking about getting your hands on a Surface RT, Pro or any Windows 8 or RT device but looking for a good deal to motivate you to make the move? Staples has just the deal for you, now offering $75 off of any Windows 8/RT product.

The Staples coupon was revealed by Slickdeals and has two coupon codes, one for in-store use and another for purchasing online. So what is the catch here? Nothing other than it has an EXTREMELY SHORT expiration date, this Thursday on Valentine’s day. In other words, if this deal sounds tempting, act now before it is too late.


While $75 isn’t exactly a massive fortune, that’s still a sizable chunk of change you can always use towards purchasing a touch cover for the surface or just about anything else really. What do you think, interested in Windows 8 or not?

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