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Scientists Find New Molecule That Destroys Cancer

Researchers have recently narrowed down a molecule that will force the initiation of the body’s already present tumor destroying abilities, causing cancerous cells to die but not affecting healthy tissue in trials on mice.

The molecule, named TIC10 forces the gene for the tumour necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing ligand, or TRAIL for short, to jump into action attacking cancerous tumors, preventing patients from having to go through debilitating therapies.

Wafik El-Deiry, an oncologist at the Pennsylvania State University in Hershey and lead on the study stated, “TRAIL is a part of our immune system: all of us with functional immune systems use this molecule to keep tumors from forming or spreading, so boosting this will not be as toxic as chemotherapy”

TIC10’s effectiveness is due to the fact that it is much smaller than other proteins that have been previously tested as TRAIL initiators.  It’s small size means it can pass through the body’s blood/brain barrier, a natural defense against microbes penetrating into and infecting the brain.  But until now, it also stopped TRAIL initiators from having any effect on brain tumors.  “We didn’t actually anticipate that this molecule would be able to treat brain tumors – that was a pleasant surprise.” Said El-Deiry.

Not only does TIC10 initiate TRAIL genes in cancerous cells, but also healthy ones.  This makes it possible to create a ‘bystander effect’ in which healthy cells immediately will bind to adjacent cancerous cells, assisting in their demise.

Trials have shown that TIC10 has great effects against many different types of tumors, including, colon and lung cancer, lymphoma and breast cancer.  It showed extreme effectiveness against glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor that traditionally is very difficult to treat.  Mice with glioblastomas, treated with TIC10 and Bevacizumab (a drug commonly used to treat brain tumors) survived three times as long as untreated mice and 6% longer than those treated with just Bevacizumab.

TRAIL type therapies were initially found in the mid 1990’s, but lack luster results when coupled with the current treatments of the day caused many large pharmaceutical companies to abandon the method.  While these current methods have only been attempted on mice, the researchers are very optimistic the new methods will be successful in humans as well.

Could this be the end to the devastating effects of cancer as we know them?  The implications of this new research are very exciting and the potential is huge.

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  1. Please…when can a human trial begin? My mother would benefit from this treatment.

  2. disqus_osOYpCCqGV

    Come on people! Forget the trial and tribulations of animals. People with cancer do not have the time to wait for decades for treatment of this kind. Start using it on people with terminal cancer (with their permission, of course), and let’s see this wonder-treatment.

    • We are working towards that goal as soon as possible. We have to follow FDA and institutional rules that apply to any new treatment that is tested in humans.

      • No..finding a cure isn’t the problem…it’s finding a treatment that people have to take and pay for, for years on end because a simple one time cure produces no money

        • disqus_osOYpCCqGV

          If your reply wasn’t so offensive, it would be funny. Don’t worry. There are enough acute and chronic diseases on this planet to keep the drug companies busy without depending on cancer. To say that the drug companies WANT people to keep their cancers is offensive and disgusting.

          • No… it’s disgusting the drug companies do, do that… there’s overwhelming evidence all you gotta do is just open your eyes and pay attention

          • Your ignorant just to assume otherwise just because you yourself couldn’t believe something like that…wake up

          • Wake up…a cure would DESTROY their competition and nobody would object to an “expensive” cure. Market forces are in favor of a cure.

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