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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Ad Puts iPad In Its Place

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

It’s not uncommon for major tech companies to take shots at one another. Take Samsung for example. It seems like every day a new Galaxy S3 commercial comes out bashing the iPhone. But this time, Amazon is unloading on the iPad.

Take a look at the Amazon commercial:

The main purpose of the commercial is to convince you that the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ and the iPad have similar displays. However, while the iPad will cost you $499, the Fire HD will only run you $299. Sounds like a good deal right?

Well, not exactly. For one thing, the iPad is considerably bigger. Also, the iPad comes with a hoard of features that the Kindle Fire doesn’t have: larger display, more extensive operating system, larger list of apps, and so on.

Whether you are for the Kindle or against it, it is nice to see that someone is trying to take down the all-mighty Apple. It’s a shame that we all can’t just be friends. Amazon now joins Samsung in the ongoing feud to compare their products to Apple’s. It is a wonder that Apple never puts out much hate advertising.

Which tablet do you think is better? Do you think that Amazon was right to put out this video ad? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The old adage “You get what you pay for” still stands. I believe comparing the Apple iPad with the Kindle Fire is rather like comparing apples with lemons. . .its a taste thing!

  2. kindle fire is better

  3. Apple is in the envious position of owning a majority of the market share of tablets… Hence you see everyone trying to compare their products against the most well known one. But not too many years ago Apple ran the “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” series of commercials which were definitely passive-aggressive and along the same lines as these ones you see now.

    • That “I’m a PC/Mac” series of commercials was funny though absolutely irrelevant. The reason PC is superior is because almost all computer games are coded for PC/Windows versus the Mac. Video Gamers make up a lot of the market. So Mac can whine about Artists all they want, those same Artists will power up their XBOX360 to play Halo4

      Tablets on the other hand; All I want is to read books, watch television/movies, and take phone calls with it. Maybe there are a couple other things but none of them are ruled by intellectual copyrights… I love the FREE MARKET and competition. Government cronies with companies sucks bawls.

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