Curiosity Finds Metal-Like Object on Mars


Recently the Mars Curiosity Rover found something very, very interesting.  During its regular shutterbugging activities, the rover found a very small, shiny, metal looking object that appears to be sticking out of a rock.

Is this proof that Martians did or still do exist? While scientists have no idea what it is, the half centimeter tall does make the mind wander with possibilities.  While more than likely a natural formation of minerals, it is clearly different than the surrounding rock which allows the possibilities for some grander explanations.

The object was found by the Curiosity Rover on January 30th and NASA has no idea what it may be and we may really never know. Still, wouldn’t it be amazing if it turned out to be the remains of a crashed alien ship or perhaps some remaining sign of a Martian civilization that is no more? Not likely, but interesting none the less. What do you think this metal-like object really is?

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  1. robert ethridge says:

    the reason mars appears red is because all the hemitite on it,
    Hemitite can be polished by the wind in the right condition making it look like something factory made. dont forget sand is used for sand blasting here on earth,and the wind blows very fast there on mars, fast enough to form funny shapes

  2. SnakeD says:

    Why would you say not likely? This material is basically rebar. If our government gives us the info we deserve to see, this should prove to be ruins from another civilization.

  3. Gugitogo says:

    I was going to say it looked like a hood ornament, but I saw somebody said a “bonnet ornament”. Sounds like the same thing, just much more brittish/gay.

  4. DJWMA says:

    Warner Brothers have confirmed it’s part of set where the Mars landing is being filmed.

  5. Cal Gravatt says:

    This is a nodule of rastomidnidium left behind after a gorn expedition. My analysis is based on top secret government data that I am forbidden to speak of…I’ve said too much already. Carry on, there’s nothing to see here!

  6. Ronny says:

    That is chuck norris’s dildo.

  7. Nick says:

    Looks like a soda can. Alien space trash, lmao.

  8. mike says:

    Could be a Martian dildo

  9. Womb Raider says:

    Looks like a bonnet ornament from a Jag….

  10. The source article is reporting that due to the perspective and resolution, the object in question is less than a 0.5cm tall.

  11. gesoflip says:

    We’ve found them. The invasion will begin soon.

  12. Gabriel Xicarts says:

    Just one question. What’s the point of spending millions of dollars in research and developing, then launching and sending a probe all the way to Mars, if then when it finds something remotely interesting, it just keeps going as if nothing happened??

  13. Justin says:

    Probably some piece of a satellite or other space trash that survived entry. Probably Chinese or Russian. Or maybe it’s a periscope from an underground civilization popping up to check out the rover. I’m sure if it’s anything interesting the government will say it was a metal flake sitting on the camera lens. Conspiracy? lol

  14. John Jacob Jingelheimer says:

    Everyone want a bigger picture………EVERYONE!

  15. Dr. Minaspoerov says:

    It appears to be a small piece of discarded toilet paper, probably used by some super-intelligent robot. At least that’s what I think it is. I could be wrong.

  16. vernon marsh says:

    A piece of stuff that fell off the rover.

  17. Shepard says:

    It’s a Prothean data cache. Get Curiosiity back there!

  18. D. Brown says:

    Obviously the hilt of John Carter’s sword.

  19. v says:

    it looks like a bottle cap.

  20. Chris says:

    I can, with total recalll, remember seeing something like that in a movie…about Mars and drilling and stuff

  21. mike says:

    It is a spike that a Predator shot at someone.

  22. Teatime says:

    We have sent a few objects to Mars, maybe its some piece of previous exploration.

  23. Elder1 says:

    Nothing strange about bits of native metal being found on Earth. Why not Mars? Perhaps it is platinum? I wonder where the diamonds are?

  24. Richard Fehlberg says:

    with the benefit of having now seen what was drilled by Curiosity, it’s concrete re-enforcing bar.

  25. Gerald says:

    Looks like the missing water faucet from my bathroom.

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