Samsung Galaxy S4 Getting No-Contact Gestures (Rumor)

Samsung Galaxy S4

s4-leaked-render-640x562 Samsung Galaxy S4 Getting No-Contact Gestures (Rumor)

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is known for the solid tech inside of it, additionally there are quite a few ‘extras’ that make the S3 stand out, like its excellent motion gestures and controls. What about the Samsung Galaxy S4? Apparently it is taking things up a notch with advanced no-contact gestures.

The latest rumor comes by way of Korea’s DDaily, claiming that the Galaxy S4 will feature an Atmel chip that can process gestures within the range of the screen without contract, essentially an advanced form of what we’ve already somewhat seen with Sony’s floating touch system.

samsung_motion1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Getting No-Contact Gestures (Rumor)

It’s possible that Samsung is looking to offer some of the same Air View functionality as found in the Note 2, except without the need for a stylus to do it. There could also be gestures like flicking above the screen for scrolling, and more.

While this is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt, it isn’t exactly that far-fetched sounding considering what we’ve already seen with Galaxy S3. What do you think, do you like the idea of no-contact gestures or not?

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