Surprise, Surprise: Next iPhone to Look the Same as Current iPhone 5

iphone 5sThose of you who have followed Apple’s iPhone over the years will have undoubtedly discovered a rather simple pattern. Each major update of the iPhone is followed by a phone with the same look but a bump in performance and features.

This pattern began with the iPhone 3GS, then the iPhone 4S, and now it seems the iPhone 5S, which analysts suspect will launch later this year and will look physically identical to the current iPhone 5. Analysts watching Apple also spotted a trend in the companies performance and spending before the launch of a next generation iPhone, and claim that the signals are pointing to an iPhone 5S rather than all new phone.

With this in mind we can look forward to seeing yet another iPhone-shaped iPhone which will likely receive an improved processor, more RAM, updated camera and possibly a boost in resolution and storage. Are you looking forward to an update to the iPhone 5 or not?

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