Canadian Galaxy Note 2 Receiving Multi-Window Support This Wednesday

Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners in Canada are getting a huge update this week.  Samsung announced, via Twitter, starting Wednesday, Canadian Note 2 owners in Canada will be able to get the Multi-Window feature that dropped for the US and Europe at the end of last year.  Also included in the update will be language support for Chinese.  As the tweet read:

“TheNextBigThing arrives Wed for GALAXY Note II owners as we begin rolling out the Multi Window & Chinese language support update.”

If you recall, the Multi Window update allows you to be able to run two apps at the same time, splitting the screen between the two.  So finally the Canadian Note 2 peeps will catch up the the Galaxy S3 owners, who already have the feature.

If you are a Galaxy Note 2 owner from Canada, are you excited to finally be getting Multi Window support?

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