Twitter Has Been Hacked, User Data For Roughly 250,000 Possibly Affected


twitter Twitter Has Been Hacked, User Data For Roughly 250,000 Possibly AffectedRecently we reported that Twitter’s service experienced an outage. What could be worse than a little down time? How about the service being hacked? Today Twitter announced it had detected unusual access patterns and concluded that Twitter had been hacked, though apparently they stopped the attack in its tracks.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t before the hacker(s) managed to have possibly gained access to usernames, passwords, email and session data from as many as 250,000 users.

If Twitter believes you were in any way affected by the attack, you will soon be receiving an email from Twitter that will have you reset your account to a new password. Twitter also reminds its users to use strong password practices for Twitter and all accounts on online for that matter.

Twitter concludes their statement about the attack saying it was “not the work of amateurs” and was ‘extremely sophisticated”.

Bottom-line, you might want to check your email for a notice from Twitter to verify you weren’t affected. While you are at it, change your password to something stronger if you currently feel that what is in place might be easy prey.

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