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Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 Users On T-Mobile Network Not Getting Windows 7.8

Nokia Lumia 710

Looking for an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 for your Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile’s network? If so, we are said to report that you are apparently T-Mobile is skipping the upgrade altogether.

The word comes directly from a 710 owner that decided to contact Nokia directly about whether or not his T-Mobile handset was getting the upgrade to 7.8 or not. Here’s what Nokia had to say:

“In response to your concern, we understand that you want to confirm if the Windows Phone 7.8 will be available for Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile. We are sorry to inform you that there are a small number of operators that have chosen not to offer the update to their users.

It is important to recognize that this decision was made solely by the operator and these include the T-Mobile network in the United States.”

Basically, it wasn’t Nokia’s decision, but a carrier one. For the record, this probably also applies to the T-Mobile HTC Radar as well.

The good news is that the technically inclined folks out there aren’t left completely in the dark. It is completely possible to manually install Windows Phone 7.8 using CAB files. Certainly better that nothing.

What do you think of T-Mobile’s decision? Are you still clinging to the Lumia 710, if will you ditch the phone as soon as you can to move to Windows Phone 8 or perhaps a completely different platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I can’t believe t mobile would dis it’s 710 owners like that.

    People avoided Tmob if they wanted the best carrier getting the latest and greatest Apple product. But folks that see WP as a reasonable alternative found a home in Tmob with the assumption that a good relationship with Nokia & Microsoft. Now Tmob is breaking that customer presumption. What really is agitating is that this upgrade would not cost Tmob that much to do…and it would be worth far more in goodwill to the customer base.
    You are training us once again not to trust you. This is what breeds a tendency to jump ship when the competition’s offerings are juicy.

  3. Louis D.-Springfield, IL

    Well I just spoke with a T-Mobile Tech support representative and he told me its scheduled to come out for T-Mobile customers ANYTIME this month. So this article may not be true!

  4. tmobile lumia 710 user

    tmobile keeps screwing up! I’m leaving the service…

  5. I have contacted t-mobile via Face Booook and they say that these are rumors. Of course I reminded them that 7.8 was rolled out days ago and T mobile has made no mention of it. But I guarantee that if they fail to provide this update for my 710 I will take my business elsewhere. I suggest anyone else with a windows 7.5 phone with T Mobile contact them and let them know what your actions would be if they fail to provide this update.

    • I’ve called tech support and was told that the update is scheduled, but they didn’t give me a firm date. Now I wonder if the guy lied to me.
      If, I won’t get this update from them before Feb 19th, I am ditching tmobile this summer

  6. Don’t blame Nokia or Microsoft. It’s purely tmobiles fault.

  7. not true!!!

  8. It is stupid if T-Mobile did decide not to offer the 7.8 update. Seems people are getting worked up about what someone said Nokia said to them. Whether it is true or not, who knows. I did decide that I didn’t want to wait any longer so after a little research I found a website that talked about the program ‘seveneighter’. It is a program someone wrote that helps download and install the .cab files for you. I ran it on both my and my wife’s 710 and got 7.8 on both of them.

  9. i got the bleeping phone for Cristmas expecting from the hint for the lumia 710 7.8 OS heard about it being for the device for shure now it changed there should be a lawsuit or a forced update and deny the t-mobile the right to block the 7.8 for USA lumia 710 users

  10. This isn’t Windows fault or Nokia’s. It is completely TMobiles fault. Windows phone is actually a nice system to use. Especially if you use windows on your desktop.

  11. I to will no longer give my money to t-mobile or support windows phone… By Monday I will have a different phone on a different network.. Thank u t-mobile for letting us know exactly how you feel about your paying customers.. Im being extremely nice right now.. I wld love to tell you what you can do with my phone but its pointless because you have already let us know you dont care what we think or that some of us work hard for our money and dont like to throw it away… I will trash t-mobile every chance I get to everyone I can….

  12. Annnd where can we ge thte .cabs?

  13. What the hell, Microsoft and T-Mobile really dropped the ball, Windows Phone is a kinda horrible platform already, they need all the help they can get and that includes updating their devices. Both companies dropped the ball..

    • liberalrepublic

      i am still waiting for an update to my android lg optimus v phone. its been more than 2 years now. atleast, lumia 720 got an update from 7 to 7.5. it is tmobile’s fault that 710 is not getting the update.

  14. I’ll be having an iPhone from AT&T by Monday. Screw T-Mobile. Screw Microsoft. They both made it clear how little they value their customers.

  15. if this is true I will be T mobile along with my 5 lines of service.

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