Temple Run 2 Manages 50 Million Downloads In Just Short of Two Weeks

Temple Run 2

We knew Temple Run was a popular series, but just how popular? It turns out that Temple Run 2 is the fastest growing mobile game ever released, managing 50 million downloads in just one day short of two weeks since its release. This surpasses the old record holder, Angry Birds Space.

According to the co-founder of Imangi, Keith Sheperd, the game has performed beyond our wildest dreams,” further mentioning, “Temple Run has evolved into something so much bigger than us.”

While Temple Run managed to accumulate 170 million downloads, it has been around much longer than the sequel. At the rate things are going, it is clear that Temple Run 2 is nothing less than a runaway hit. Have you tried Temple Run 2 out for yourself yet, if so what do you think?

For those interested, the app is available now through Google Play, Amazon’s AppStore and the Apple AppStore.

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