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Windows Phone 7.8 Coming to Older Handsets Today?

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According to WPDang, a Chinese tech site dedicated to Windows Phone, we may be seeing an unannounced software update for all Windows phones with 7.5 and below, and not only that, but the update may start to roll out globally today from 18:00 GMT.

Like previous updates, the 7.8 update will be pushed out in 4 waves over a total of 3 weeks, so if the rumor is true, you may not get the update right away. However, this is a nice bit of news for older Windows Phone users, especially when Blackberry 10 is about to hit the market.

There has already been a rumor regarding a 7.8 OS update for the Lumia 900 for AT&T scheduled for this date, so it’s likely Microsoft are up to something today. The new 7.8 update will add a few new features like a customizable home screen and lockscreen wallpaper, as well as a bunch of Nokia handset-only features.

Could you do with a Windows Phone update or are you perfectly fine with your current version of Windows Phone 7?




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  1. No update for HTC HD7 through Zune…I will take a look a the new BlackBerry Z10 when available. So I might say good bye to Microsoft.

  2. Update is now available to non-Nokia phones as well. At least my HTC Titan (unlocked, Switzerland) is now on 7.8 through Zune.

  3. WP7.5NOKLUM800 Owner

    I very much would like the update. wp7.5 owners deserve it! Microsoft is taking too long to get this update out to its loyal customers who decided to bet on their windows phones from the start!
    Nokia too needs to push Msft. if it wants to make something of its lumia brand.

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