Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for just $99.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for just $99.99

Samsung Galaxy note 2

note2 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for just $99.99

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has plenty of power, a massive screen and all the features you could ever want out a phone (except maybe a 1080p display). The bad news? Getting this kind of power doesn’t come cheap.

If you would love to get your hands on the Note 2 but don’t want to pay a fortune, you’ll be happy to know that the phone can now be yours for a limited time for just $99.99 including shipping. Unfortunately there is a catch here– Sprint in the carrier. This might not be a problem for some, but with limited coverage in some parts of the United States, it might not be the ideal choice for everyone.

It’s also worth noting that existing Sprint customers are not eligible for this deal, and will instead have to pay $199.99. Way to reward loyalty, huh?

Anyhow, if you want the Note 2 and are okay with switching to Sprint, you should jump on this quickly. It is worth noting that this is offered through Amazon Wireless, and not Sprint directly.

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