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Google Plus Second Most Popular Social Network

Google Plus

The social networking world has changed quite a bit since it first emerged. MySpace has come and went, and returned again. Facebook has grown to be the most powerful offering on the market, and now it seems that Google’s relative newcomer Google Plus is now in second place for control over the social market.

The UK market research company Trendstream updated its Global Web index for social networking this week, showing that Google has now moved into second place, with Google’s YouTube taking third, and pushing Twitter down to fourth place.

The new data suggests that Facebook’s active users total 694 million, while Google+ trials behind it in second place with 343 million. That said, Google+ has only been around since the summer of 2011, so with that in mind: that’s a pretty big jump.

Which social networks to you use primarily? When it comes to standard social experiences (a la Google+ and Facebook), what do you currently prefer?

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  1. nattapol sresook

    OMG I love google+

  2. I think google+ is getting a jump simply because they’re forcing you to be in plus now to do things like leave reviews, which never was part of plus before. I ignored the “join google plus” messages for a year, until i was FORCED to join simply so i could leave comments, reviews, and other things that i USE to be able to do WITHOUT google+. Without the mandated joining for such things, i’m positive google+ wouldn’t have half of it’s registered users.

    • “until i was FORCED to join simply so i could leave comments, reviews, and other things”

      leave comments and reviews where?

    • Kimi – you need to do your research. The study specifically says they tracked ONLY users who have contributed to the network (sharing, posting, +1’ing). These are NOT total registered users.

      And as far as being forced, I can’t tell you how many times I’d been forced to log in to a Facebook account that I never use just to leave a comment on an article that had nothing to do with Facebook. Facebook states they count that as an “active” user. G+ does not.

      Just because you don’t think G+ is growing doesn’t make it so.

      • Marc razia
        Do you spend all your waking hours going to all web articles on the Internet defending google plus and bashing Facebook?
        Do you work — maybe in google? Do you have family? Wife and kids? Do you a life??
        The British company who came up with the data already conceded that the active users includes people forced to register with google plus.

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