Suction Cup Viewfinder Adds a Touch of Professionalism to Your iPhone Camera

Year after year, smartphone specs are getting bigger and better, and we’re starting to see some pretty decent cameras coming out of the top end Android and iPhone market. However, when comparing an iPhone camera to that of a DLSR, you’ll be quick to notice that megapixels and shooting quality are just one of the many factors that make a great camera.

One such factor that doesn’t find it’s way onto an iPhone is a viewfinder, something that is important for photographers to gain better focus on their shots. However, a new accessory from Photojojo gives smartphone users such a tool.

The new smartphone toy is a suction cup viewfinder that can be attached to your screen, and along with the Photojojo app bundled with the viewfinder, you can  look into the viewfinder as you would with a normal DLSR camera.

The app guides the user into putting the viewfinder in place, and then looking through the viewfinder will magnify the image on your screen so that you can only see the image of the camera, keeping other screen clutter out of the way.

The viewfinder along with the app costs $30. Would such an accessory help you to take better pictures, or do you feel it’s an unneeded gimmick?


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