New Samsung BYOD Advertisement Pokes Fun of RIM Blackberry Devices

Recently Samsung has been gearing up to move into the business world in a big way. The company has mentioned in the past that it sees strong potential in the BYOD model, and believes that its products could be perfect in these situations.

Now Samsung has a new commercial out that promotes the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 in a business. For a change, this ad isn’t pitted against Apple’s iPhone, but the formula is pretty similar – this time going after RIM.

The ad follows a game development studio that has now switched to a BYOD policy. It shows how some users are clinging to their Blackberry devices but Samsung shows how their devices can do more. The ad indicates not only a shift by Samsung into business targeting, but it also shows that RIM is truly back on the radar, in large part due to the upcoming Blackberry 10.

What do you think of the new commercial? Would you (or do you already) use a Samsung device for business or do you think that Blackberry is still the better solution? Additionally, what do you think of BB10, excited or not?

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