ZTE U956 Budget-Oriented Smartphone Boasts 5-inch Display and Quad-core Chip

ZTE U965 leakedZTE had a strong presence at CES recently, and showed off some great flagship phones, but nothing you could call low-cost or affordable. That isn’t to say ZTE has stopped making high quality affordable smartphones, as they haven’t and the ZTE U965 is proof of that.

The U956 mimics the specification of its pricier brother, the ZTE Grand S, and offers customers a 5-inch display and powerful quad-core processor, however the screen is a 720HD rather than 1080HD and the processor is from Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek.

Other highlights include dual-sim support, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. No announcement if the ZTE U965 will be available internationally, but Chinese shoppers can expect to pick one up before the Chinese Spring Festival holiday.

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