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Samsung Stratosphere 3 Surfaces via GLBenchmark?

It looks like the Samsung Stratosphere 3 is already in testing, as evidenced by a new GLBenchmark listing that references a phone under the name “Godiva” with a model number of SCH-i425.

So what do we know about the phone so far? It seems to have a 1280×720 display and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. There is Verizon branding all over the software build and so it seems like this could in fact be the third Stratosphere.

The first was called the i405 and the Stratosphere 2 was the i415, so this certainly falls in line. The only strange thing about all of this is that the Stratosphere 2 just arrived in November, so this is a pretty quick turn around for another member of the Strat line-up.

With dual-core specs and a 720p resolution, this sounds like a solid mid-range device and if it continues the tradition of having a built-in keyboard it could be one of the most powerful sliders around.

What do you think, would you be interested in dual-core slider from Verizon or do you feel that today’s touchscreen keyboards have made physical keyboards irrelevant on phones?

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  1. NO I absolutely do NOT feel that virtual keyboards have made touchscreen keyboards irrelevant. If anything it has made me appreciate the virtual keyboards even more, and I have never missed a phone as much as I miss my EnV Touch (the keyboard on that phone was the best one I’ve used). I currently have the SIII. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing phone. But for me the one extra thing that could make it perfect would be a slide out qwerty keyboard. They’re becoming so rare now! It’s very depressing.

  2. I have the Stratosphere 1 – always have trouble with virtual keyboards, so that is why I bought the phone. I’ve held off getting the Stratosphere 2 because I wasn’t sure if/when it would get Jelly Bean. Adding the Stratosphere 3 to my BUY list!

  3. can’t wait, although virtual keyboards are hidden they are a bit touchy especially if you have big fingers and even if you have small hands typing fast if virtually imposible lol, like the querty’s alot

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