Samsung Galaxy S3 Has Now Reached 40 Million Units Sold, 100 Million Total for All Galaxy S Devices

It has been about seven months now since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. We continue to hear that the phone is doing quite well, but how well exactly?

Samsung has now confirmed that they have sold over 40 millions units of the popular S3 Android flagship phone.

Still don’t think Samsung Galaxy S3 is a hot-selling device compared to many other smartphones, including many of Samsung’s other devices? Let’s compare Galaxy S3 sales to the Galaxy S2. The S2 was and still is a rather popular device, but in the little over a year and a half its been on the market, it has ALSO sold 40 million. That means that in much less time, the S3 has managed to cover just as much ground as the older S2. 

Outside of announcing the S3 and S2 both hitting the 40 million mark, Samsung also confirmed they have sold a total of 100 million units between their entire Galaxy S line. Not bad, not bad at all.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S device, what do you think of it compared to other Android devices on the market– or even compared to Apple’s iPhone 5?

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  1. iPhone 4S alone sell 110 Million Units

  2. FrankReed says:

    Been very happy with my GS3. Almost went iPhone after Motorola DroidX but glad I didn’t. Wife has one as well and sharing photos of kids is worth the price of admission alone.

  3. Luke says:

    Apple has what it takes to make a sick phone but I think they’re too scared to push themselves to their full potential. They should also spend less time trying to sue Samsung for little unimportant things. Apple you have tons of money why would you try to gain more especially over stuff that is so miniscule of an issue

  4. lllbenjolll says:

    That’s what you get when you listen to the clients’ wants and needs.

  5. lllbenjolll says:

    That what you get when you listen to the clients’ wants and needs.

  6. seeteedub says:

    Bring on the S4!

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