Blackberry Z10 to Arrive in Black and White Color Variations

Blackberry 10 is almost here, although there doesn’t seem to be too many surprises left at this rate. We know that there will be as many as six BB10 devices this year, we know what BB10 looks like, what the two launching phones look like and we know that RIM is targeting around 75,000 launch apps (many of which will be Android ports).

Now we have yet another leak, this time showing off the Blackberry Z10 handset in black and white color variations.

Beyond the picture above of the black and white color models, Rapid Berry has uncovered many more highly detailed (and very official looking) pictures that show off the BB keyboard, BBM Video with Screenshare and the Time Shift Camera functionality.

For a better look at all the revealing pictures, hit the source link directly below.

Are you getting excited for Blackberry 10 yet or do you feel we have enough solid mobile operating system choices on the market right now as it is?

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