Sumitomo Electric Launches Sample Products of Thin Thunderbolt Cable

Thunderbolt cables are a fairly new technology that is capable of transfering data via the cable at an amazing 12 gigabits per second. When compared to USB cable transfer, there is a blazingly fast difference between the two. Obviously this is a huge contender to USB 3.0, which aims to transfer data at similarly fast speeds with it’s SuperSpeed USB.

However, previous thunderbolt cables have been expensive and bulky, somewhat dampening the appeal of the super-fast transfer speed. Intel has now showcased new sample products of their revamped thunderbolt cables at CES this year, and claim that prices will be slashed down greatly after volume production starts to pick up pace.

The new Thunderbolt cables also take a large 1.0mm off of the width of the wire, taking it down to 3.2mm, making it much more convenient and portable when compared to the previous version.

Apple has seemed pretty keen on adopting this technology into their new MacBook products, but do you think it’s a possibility Intel will ever replace the current PCs standard of USB?

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