Redbox Instant Leaving Beta in March, $7.99 for Unlimited Streaming

Redbox Instant has been around for about a month now, at least for the very few who managed to get beta invites. Curious about the service but not able to try it due to limited access at this point? The good news is that the beta is ending.

Sometime in March Redbox will open the streaming service up, ending the beta stage of the product. So what exactly is Redbox Instant all about? At $7.99 a month you get access to four DVD kiosk rentals each month and unlimited streaming content from Redbox’s website.

While the library content is pretty limited right now (with about 4,500 films), it is certainly off to a decent start. What do you think, interested in Redbox Instant or not?

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  1. Jimmy Mackey says:

    Although I haven’t tried Redbox Instant, I have been watching movies for a very long time now, and I can honestly say I have seen a great deal of the one’s I would want to watch. Of course there are always some gems out there, but with only 4,500 to choose from, it seems less likely I’ll find them. I watch a lot of new releases though when my DISH coworker comes over with his family, which happens a lot, so I need access to unlimited movies. I get that convenience with my DISH Blockbuster @Home, along with over 100,000 choices by mail, streaming in my home, or, on the go with my iPad. I need that kind of convenience and choice to help me enjoy the media that makes me happy, more often.

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