iBattz to be the First to Drop Rechargable iPhone 5 Case

Mophie is usually one the first companies to release their battery equipped case accessory for any type of device.  However this time around, iBattz appears to be beating them to the punch with two cases for the iPhone 5.

Each of the two cases come with two interchangeable i9300 2200mAh Li ion batteries, which is nearly double the charging capacity of the stock 1400 mAh iPhone battery.  They are selling the Mojo Fuel for $90 and the Mojo Armor for $100 beginning in March.  The company has also stated it will be releasing a waterproof model with a detachable 2500 mAh aluminum back.  These cases have external battery chargers and can also be charged via a microUSB connection.

Will you pick up one of these first cases or wait for the Mophie version to drop?

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