Russia’s YotaPhone is the Most Innovative we’ve Seen Yet

yotaphone hands on

yotaphone-hands-on-640x426 Russia's YotaPhone is the Most Innovative we've Seen YetIt’s been great to see all these fantastic phones at CES, but nothing has really managed to stand-out and redefine what a phone is and how it should word, well nothing except the Russian-made YotaPhone.

While we are use to seeing Android phones from smaller, lesser known manufacturers, the YotaPhone is one special phone which features dual-screens.

The ‘main’ screen on the YotaPhone is an LCD unit while the secondary screen is a bookworm friendly E Ink display, but don’t kid yourself in to thinking that the E ink display is just for reading as the YotaPhone team have some great ideas up their sleeves.

yotaphone11_1020_verge_super_wide-640x426 Russia's YotaPhone is the Most Innovative we've Seen Yet

As you can see above the rear screen can be used to coax a smile, or duck face, from your photography subjects. Currently the Android powered YotaPhone is still a little buggy in use, but the idea and the drive to make things happen is their.

Keep your eyes peeled for more YotaPhone news as development moves forward to a possible end of year launch.

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