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Android mini PC with 2GB of RAM for just $70

Android mini-computers and HDMI-sticks have been a round for a little while now. Some of the most well known examples include the Raspberry Pi.

In the time since these types of computing devices first debuted, a lot has already changed. The earliest devices had processors under 1GHz and often as little as 256MB or 512MB of RAM.

While something with this kind of power is fun for a hobbyist device, if you truly want to use a HDMI Computer Stick to transform your TV into a smart device, you’ll want more power. That’s exactly what the new S21H has to offer.

The new stick computer has a Rockchip RK3066 dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage built right in. Even more impressive, several online stores sell the stick for as little as $70.

With features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and a full-sized USB port, this is truly a device that can bring entertainment, games and even productivity apps right to your big-screen.
As for the OS, you get Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

To purchase an S21H of your own, hit the source link below.

Do you have a mini-PC or stick computer? If so, what do you primarily use it for? Despite the lack of Android, I still have quite the love affair with my Raspberry Pi.

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  1. Clicked the source link… Looking at the customer reviews seems to tell a tale of only 1GB of RAM. Shenanigans?

  2. I got a Minix Neo G4 the other day. I am using it to replace a desktop computer which died recently. It’s a tad slower than the Acer AX-1700 that it replaced, but than again it only cost $69 at NewEgg. It’s a secondary computer that I use mostly for email, web browsing, Netflix and other streaming video and audio, and watching TV with the signal coming from my HD Homerun tuner. All my accessories from the old computer, keyboard, mouse, sound system, work fine. I have them all plugged into a powered USB hub and that plugged into the one USB port on the device.

    I actually like this better than the Windows 8 I had on the desktop machine. Microsoft has the right idea with apps and buttons, but it isn’t very well implimented on Win8. The Android format is really easy to use. It has taken me a little while to find Android apps to do everything that I was used to doing on the desktop machine, but I think that I have found it all now.

    These little computers on a stick are nowhere near as powerful as a desktop machine, but truth be told many of us never do anything with our computers that requires more than a minimal effort from the thing. Microsoft should start getting worried. Very worried.

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