Nokia Lumia 920T will cost just $0.16 in China

Nokia Lumia 920T will cost just $0.16 in China

nokia 920t price in China

nokia-920t-China Nokia Lumia 920T will cost just $0.16 in China

China has long been known as a place to pick up low-cost smartphones, but that’s just in regards to domestically made phones right? Well not anymore as Nokia’s plans for the Lumia 920T have emerged.

Currently Chinese smartphone users are expected to buy their phones outright from the start and pay for what they use on a monthly basis, this has led to some amazing phones arriving on the mainland at very affordable prices. However, international players have been eyeing the market and tend to grab their share with subsidised devices.

This is Nokia’s plan anyway, and they are hoping to grab a huge share of the market with the Windows-powered Lumia 920T, with retail price starting at just 1 Yuan ($0.16). Of course customers will then be expected to pay a monthly fee for the phone, but 1 Yuan (less than the price of a shopping bag) is going to be a hard bargain to a pass up.

The only problems we can see from the offer is with the supply chain of the Lumia 920T. Considering how stock shortages have plagued the international Lumia 920, will the same situation occur with the Chinese variant?

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