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BBM App Found on Blackberry Playbook


The Blackberry Playbook has been out for almost 2 years now. Despite this, many owners are still waiting to get a taste of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on the device. Right now, if you own a Blackberry smartphone and a Playbook, you can download Blackberry Bridge. This allows you to pair your tablet and smartphone as well as use BBM from your tablet.

However, a native BBM app is yet to be released for the tablet. For those of you still waiting, BBOTA.cn recently spotted screenshots of what looks to be a native BBM app for the Playbook. Take a look:


Blackberry is not scheduled to make any announcements until their January 30th Blackberry 10 launch. If BBM for Playbook isn’t released by then, it might be time to give up.

Stay tuned at Mobile Magazine for updates on Blackberry 10 and a possible BBM for Playbook app in the coming weeks or month.

Do you have a Blackberry Playbook? Have you been waiting for a native BBM app? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Why not playbook??? BBM should be part of playbook, if the playbook belongs to blackberry.

  2. BBM announced for iphone and android but nothing for this playbook… Bizarre and a great way to pissoff any user who is considering a z10. The company needs to make there apps truly cross plateform or they will sink. They have fragmented there is builds and it will sink them if they don’t fix it fast.

  3. My bb phone died and I am too angry at RIM to waste money on a new bb phone. If there is no plans to have BBM on playbook then I will sell playbook and purchase ipads for me and my wife to communicate. If I knew how restricted and useless blackberry is then I would not have wasted over a grand on playbooks and torches for my wife and I…. I wish I listened to my wife and got ipads and iphones from the start.

  4. this is a old article but the topic has not lost interest at all crackberry,com forums are very active in the playbook sub forum still waiting for bbm an bb10

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