Tumblr Now Offers Support for iPad with Version 3.2.3

itum-640x435 Tumblr Now Offers Support for iPad with Version 3.2.3

Two days after the big Tumblr update to its Android app, iPad gets its own native app as well.  Tumblr’s iOS app version 3.2.3 is now compatible with the iPad and the iPad mini.

Users can utilize a circular menu for creating posts and access the navigation sidebar.  All aspects of blogging can now be accessed from the iPad and iPad mini, allowing bloggers to view and reply to messages, and access the camera. They can also manage their blogs and share links, videos and photos.

Additionally, you can reblog even when no connection is available, which is a nice feature so work doesn’t stop while you are not in a service area.  Now we can just hope there are no more major service interruptions like the one last week and the iOS outage in October.

Bloggers, are you excited to see this new update?  Have you updated, and if so how do you like it?

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