iPhone 5 and Mini Having Battery Issues After Receiving Update

Recently Apple attempted to answer a common user complaint regarding Wi-Fi issues in iOS 6. The new iOS 6.0.2 update was geared towards the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 in particular, but applied to the iPad and other devices with iOS 6 issues as well.

While it is debatable as to whether this even solved the intended problem, now we have reports that this update might be causing a new issue as well.  Shortly after this update, owners have been complaining of that their batteries are draining at a much quicker rate than before upgrading to 6.0.2.

Twitter was inundated with reports from users complaining of the battery drain on their devices.  The battery drain does not seem to be earth shattering, but it is a significant different.  One user stated, “I was able to go to bed with my phone at 100% charge and wake up with 100%, since updating I wake up with it around 90% charged.”

Apple has yet to release any news or statements regarding this problem, but with the iOS 6.1 being right around the corner, they may just ignore it and make sure the new update doesn’t have the same issues of battery drain as the 6.0.2 update.

Have you experienced this increased battery drain or is your device getting the same battery performance as usual?

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  1. Abe says:

    mine has been noticeable battery drain, definitely. my phone was just on standby for 2 hours, and it managed to reduce the battery life by over 10%, and like i said i wasn’t even on the phone at all, not texts or calls coming in and still the battery life got reduced. i do remember that before i did 6.0.2 update that wouldn’t happen on any iPhone i’ve had.

  2. Morgan says:

    I have also experienced extreme battery drain since the update. Last night, my phone was charged to 100% before I went to bed. Phone was dead when I woke up. I had closed all apps before going to bed. What the hell, Apple?

  3. Matt says:

    Stop complaining. I have had no issues. At the end of the day, I’m left with about 50% left. Learn how to use the phone before you blame Apple.

  4. MegaSaxoN says:

    2 iPhone 5′s and a iPad mini in my house, no issues with battery drain after the update to 6.0.2

  5. Martin says:

    Since 6.02 have been experiencing significantly higher battery drain. Thanks Apple!

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