Flickr Gives Everyone 3 Months of Free Pro Service for the Holidays


flickr_640x360 Flickr Gives Everyone 3 Months of Free Pro Service for the HolidaysFlickr may find themselves falling behind in the social photo/video world. Regardless of their position, Flickr is giving all of their current subscribers, including free account holders, 3 months of free Pro service. For those members who have already upgraded to Flickr’s Pro service, the 3 months can be used as an extension to your current subscription.

Flickr Pro accounts can upload an unlimited number of images and videos every month and get unlimited bandwidth/storage. Photos can be in up to 60 groups, and users can browse ad free.

If you’re a serious photographer and/or videographer, Flickr has some very useful features to offer. With the 3 month extension/trial good for a limited time (the holiday season), it would be silly not to take up Flickr on their offer. It’s also not very nice to turn down a holiday gift.

Is this a last resort move by Yahoo and Flickr to bring more users to their photo/video platform? Does Flickr stand a chance against the might Instagram/Facebook duo? Let us know in the comments below.

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