Sega Slashes Prices on Mobile Games in Time for the Holidays

Holiday apps sales are abound with Christmas just days away. Yesterday we covered the sales for Square Enix games, now it is Sega’s turn.

Sega’s promotion is called “Very Mega Holiday Sale” and sees both iOS and Android titles on sale from now until January 3rd. Besides mobile platforms, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade is also seeing discounts as well.

Some of the promotions include Sonic CD and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 on sale for just $.99. There are also titles like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio being discounted down to $1.99.

This is just a very small taste of the many games that are on sale from Sega. If you are a Sega fan, you will want to check out the source link for a full list of games covered in this promotion. See any you like, which do you plan to buy?

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