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Laptop Repair Specialist creates Unique Raspberry Pi Mini-Laptop

When it comes to the Raspberry Pi, there are an abundant amount of uses for the $35 hobbyist board. Not too long ago, we covered how to use your Pi as an XBMC device for your living room. While that is cool way to use your Pi, it doesn’t even begin to compare to a brand new project described and put together by Nathan Morgan.

Morgan is a 10-year veteran in Dell PC repair and recently took to his business’ blog to bring would-be PC builders a detailed instructional guide on how to put together a Raspberry Pi mini-PC. While the total costs of such a device are probably going to be higher than your average netbook (at around $400), that’s not the point.

For us tinkerers, it’s just fun to show off what we were able to accomplish, more than anything.

The project utilizes a 3D printer for the case and other components like a low-resolution LCD screen, a QWERTY/touchpad mobile keyboard and a 64GB SSD drive. According to Morgan, the mini-laptop provides 10 hours of battery life and runs on the default Raspbian OS.

Such a project takes a reasonable level of knowledge to build, and probably is best suited for the veteran tinkerer. Still, if you want to give it a shot for yourself, head to the source link for more information on what is needed to put the laptop together.

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  1. This reminds me of 1980 when I bought my incredible Sinclair ZX-81 kit for $99 & souped it up: 64k Ram, full keyboard, floppy disk drive, monitor, dot matrix printer, word processing & spreadsheet. Now I am 83 years old & still doing computer repair & building them. I ama retired pastor who used my Sinclair in our church office.

  2. Thanks for the interesting article. I’ve been toying with ideas for the Raspberry Pi for a while.

    I believe you mean either that this project is for the veteran tinkerer, or isn’t for the neophyte tinkerer.

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