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iOS 6.0.2

iOS 6.0.2 Update Arrives, May Finally Solve Wi-Fi Issues for iOS 6 Users

iOS 6.0.2

Remember iOS 6.0.1 back in early November? This update was supposed to fix a great number of things, and that included Wi-Fi issues with iOS 6.

The Wi-Fi issues that had plagued iOS 6 from its launch should have been done and over after that, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Many Apple users continued to complain that their iDevices were having connectivity issues, despite updating to 6.0.1.

Luckily, 6.0.2 has finally arrived with one purpose and one purpose only: to solve your Wi-Fi woes. The update should be available starting today. Here’s to hoping that this update finally lays iOS 6’s Wi-Fi drama to rest.

Has anyone upgraded to the newest version yet? Did it solve your Wi-Fi issues or not?



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  1. my iphone4s is not able to connect to wifi either, i have tried all of the quick fixes and nothing has worked. the new upgrade you speak of is not even available for my phone. My phone states my software is up to date. I am extremely frustrated and do not know how to fix this.

  2. I have been back and forth to the Apple store on my fifth visit i finally got one tech to admit there may be an issue (I mean seriously) he gave me another Iphone 4S that did not have the update to IOS6! But stupidily i decided the other day to upgrade to IOS6 as was having Wifi issues again… and guess what NO wifi at home or in the office now and it is not showing me the 6.0.2 update either!!! I bought my daughter for xmas the new IPad with retina and it is working fine driving me CRAZY!!!

  3. 1/9/13—–6.0.1 is up to date. This wifi issue seriously, is RIDICULOUS!!!

  4. My iTunes says that iOS 6.0.1 is up to date (1/5/13)

  5. That update isn’t showing up at all on my phone… Getting sick of getting booted off my wifi. Yes i have tried all of the options & supposed fixes but none of them work at all. From thelooks of the comments I am guessing that updating won’t matter anyhow. I read on one of the apple complain threads that everything started when policy updated to ios6.

  6. DrScottoutinthewoods

    I have a clinic in a suburb but internet in my remote cabin is nonexistent. I use my iphone 5 for a hotspot for internet connection to do simple research and email.

    When I connect the iPhone directly via USB, iPhoto and and iTunes come up but the USB section in the network settings says “no device connected”.
    (Liar! LIAR! LI-ARRRR! Max’s wife in Princess Bride.)

    Likewise, the wifi connect between the iMac and iPhone (usually faster than USB for download speed) “sees” the iPhone in some areas (i.e.but insists that the network detects no device.

    I was able to connect after several tries via Bluetooth which is why I can access this page.

    IF the phone system in my clinic worked like this, we would have to arrive 30 minutes early and hope that we could check the voicemail before patients began arriving.

  7. they seriously need to fix this issue. my 4s wont even offer this update. i loved the iphone until all this bullshit. apple truly has gone down hill

  8. Nope, i upgraded my iphone5, problem is not solved. Apple shame on you! My first iphone, almost 3 months waiting for my reservation, 790 euros and see me standing with my expensive phone i can’t go on the net with wifi!!! Hello, APPLE!

  9. i’ve had 2 5’s, exact same problem with each: inconsistent & compromised wifi, did upgrade, no change, :(

  10. I did and it doesn’t. First I had to move from the 4, with which I was thoroughly pleased, to the 5. Unless I wanted to live with dropped calls on AT&T. Now the calls are great, but I had to settle for inconsistent network access (at first), to no access at all (now). Apple’s solution? Give me a new 5. Not convinced that will solve the problem. What a disappointment, and an expensive one at that.

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